Mole Removal

Ohio Mole Removal & Control in the Counties of Knox, Licking, Franklin, Richland and Delaware
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Protection of Gardens and Lawns

Mole Removal & Control

Contrary to popular belief, moles do not eat your plants and flowers; they burrow throughout your property, digging surface and deep tunnels. As they do, they wreak havoc on garden beds and lawns and ruin tree roots. Their shallow tunnels create surface runways, whereas deep tunnels create surface mounds.

Moles are undoubtedly, indeed, destructive and can make lawns dangerous. As they tunnel through yards, they push soil to the surface creating holes and weak spots in the ground. As a result, a trail of dead grass, ridges in the ground, and mounds of dirt can be seen.

When left untreated, moles will move quickly throughout the yard, causing much destruction. Therefore it is vital to act promptly to remove them and control them.

Methods That Work

Mole Removal Trapping

Did you know that moles are voracious eaters, and while searching for food, they burrow and dig tunnels over 250 feet in length per day? Therefore as we mentioned, this behavior can cause a lot of destruction to gardens, lawns and root trees, so removing and controlling them in the best way is vital.

First and foremost, as with any wildlife animal, is accurate identification and location of their whereabouts. Experts, such as the mole removal and control team at Green Valley Wildlife Solutions, begin their services with this, followed by putting the appropriate action plan in place.

We aim for complete success and find that trapping is the ultimate method. As there are several tools for trapping moles, each situation will determine the trap type used; for example, grabbing, grasping, and pincher-style traps can be successful when deep burrows are the problem. Excavation of the areas may also need to be done, so the traps are installed correctly to achieve maximum mole removal and control.

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Tips and Trick, But Do They Work?

Do-It-Yourself Methods

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get rid of moles without hiring a professional mole removal and control company?

Below we discuss two approaches you can try to eliminate these high-energy tunnelers. However, these methods can be costly and non-effective.

Mole Barriers

Mole barriers are wire mesh screenings made of stainless or galvanized metal.

Gophers 304 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Roll is commonly used to stop moles from getting to the surface of your lawn or property. But it is imperative to install these at the proper depth to be effective.

Another popular choice is the 1/2″ 19-gauge Steel Hardware Cloth. However, like Gophers, installation is critical, requiring a person with a high level of experience.

Natural Treatments

As moles eat insects, reducing their ability to eat them is a start. Some will tell you Castor Oil products put on the soil may work to keep moles from eating the insects. You can find Castor Oil spray products at a local store; however, because the grounds need to be sprayed regularly, much of your time will be well-spent wasted as you will not achieve the desired results.

In addition, some try pepper, juicy fruit, bubblegum and mint extracts. Unfortunately, it’s a lot of work, and none offer effective treatment in removing and controlling moles.

Get Professional Help

Do you suspect you have a mole problem in your yard? Have you tried the DIY methods, and have they yet to work?

The Green Valley Wildlife Solutions mole removal and control experts are here to eliminate your mole problem with the proper treatment techniques.

Knowing these services do not end with mole removal alone is essential. Once removed, one must put the proper exclusionary methods in place to keep them from returning; therefore, it’s time to contact Green Valley Wildlife Solutions.