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Wildlife Exclusion Services

Wildlife exclusions permanently evict wildlife animals from homes and commercial buildings.

The various exclusion techniques used will vary from one wildlife animal to another; however, the main objective remains the same, keeping them from getting back in.

As each wildlife animal requires its own exclusion method, hiring a professional wildlife exclusion company specializing in this field and offering the most comprehensive pest wildlife exclusion services is vital. You can trust Green Valley Wildlife Solutions in Ohio will be that company.

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6 Types of Exclusion

As mentioned, different types of wildlife animals come with different methods for excluding them from our building. 

Below we list the exclusion techniques used for bats, birds, opossums, raccoons, squirrels and skunks.

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Bat Exclusion

Bat exclusions are more construction based as compared to other wildlife animals. The method is a live exclusion done humanely and safely. It is time-consuming and involves sealing parts of the building and installing one-way devices at the main entry. They will be able to leave unharmed but cannot gain re-entry.

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crawlspace Cleanup

Like attics, wildlife animals seek out crawlspaces. But what do they do when in there? They leave their hazardous droppings and damage insulation, wires and plumbing pipes. And how about the foul odor also left behind?

It is crucial to repair these damages so as not to spread disease.

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Opossum Exclusion

Opossums generally take up residency in attics and under decks, patios, and sheds. When they dig their way under a patio, shed or deck, trenching the surrounding area and the installation of wiring around the edges has been proven to be the best exclusion method to keep opossums at bay.

If found in attics, they must be trapped and removed quickly, and any holes which enable them to enter must be sealed.

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Raccoon Exclusion

Raccoons commonly enter residences and businesses by way of the roof. As they try to find warmth and shelter, they will tear large holes in the roof.

To exclude raccoons from entering buildings, sheet metal is typically applied to gaping holes on the building’s edges and rooflines. In addition, if raccoons rip through shingles and plywood, those areas will need to be patched and sealed.

Since raccoons are clever little critters, it’s vital to hire a raccoon exclusion expert to ensure you are keeping them at bay.

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Squirrel Exclusion

Squirrels are notorious for causing problems. But most often, they chew holes in various parts of the building, typically around the roofline.

The best exclusion method for squirrels is to first get them out, then wire off their entryway with durable material, for example, hardware cloth. This technique will ensure they cannot re-enter at the point again.

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Skunk Exclusion

Skunks are not known to cause much physical damage to structures; however, their mere presence of them can be quite annoying.

Since they seek harborage under structures, the best way to eliminate them is trenching; a wire or other material will be installed around the structure they are inhabiting, may it be under our front step, deck, patio or elsewhere.

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While some wildlife animals may appear harmless, it is crucial to remember many can put you, your family, pets, guests, staff and customers at a severe health risk; from parasites, painful bites and diseases.

Therefore, removal and prevention are key!

Green Valley Wildlife Solution is here to offer you trusted, reliable and professional removal and prevention services. Contact us to get help now.