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In most cases, wildlife animals are not dangerous during a wildlife invasion. Typically, there is a small risk of a bite or attack, but the damage they cause and the droppings and mess they leave behind are the most harmful to people, pets and our properties.

Once bats, birds, rodents, or other wildlife animals have successfully been eliminated from your attic, it’s essential to follow up with restoration. This ensures there will be no lingering effects from them.

An attic restoration expert, such as Green Valley Wildlife Solutions, must quickly identify and clean up bacteria containing animal droppings and dust. In addition, a deep clean with sanitization of the space to remove pathogens is necessary.

Along with dangerous pathogens left behind, they leave messes. For example, they destroy insulation, rip it apart, and drop their urine and feces. In addition, some pests chew wires, wood and plumbing.

If you have wildlife living in your attic or have since gotten rid of the infestation in Ohio, trust Green Valley Wildlife Solutions to take the next step to clean up and restore the attic to its original state.

The Attic Restoration Process

Since proper attic restoration is critical to maintaining its structural integrity and the health and safety of those around, our process is intensive, with a thorough investigation of all damaged elements and contaminated areas. Once identified, we begin the attic restoration process.

Isolate The Work Site 

We begin by prepping the site and blocking off the entryway and other areas that might act as open paths between the attic and the home. Our cleaning process can release dust into the air; therefore, blocking off prevents the spread.

Remove Insulation 

Once the insulation has been destroyed by the wildlife animals’ activity or feces, it must be collected into trash bags and removed. Our attic restoration team wears the proper clothing and uses the right equipment to avoid touching or inhaling the fumes.

Clean The Mess

Now that the torn and infested insulation is gone, we begin vacuuming floors, walls, and other surfaces with a high-powered vacuum, one that removes bird droppings, guano, rodent droppings, and other debris.

Sanitize and Decontaminate 

Now that the attic is cleaned up, it must be sanitized to kill any remaining fungal growth and bacteria. A fogger is used to disperse the non-toxic chemicals throughout the affected space.

Replace Insulation 

To complete the attic restoration process, we reinstall new insulation and fix other damage where necessary. The quality of our product will be equal to or better than the original products.

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First, we are fully licensed and insured with the knowledge, training and experience needed to do a safe and successful job.

Next, you can be sure all areas will be repaired, cleaned and decontaminated, even hard-to-reach spaces. We take the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe, and our prices are competitive and affordable.

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