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Ohio Opossum Removal & Control in the Counties of Knox, Licking, Franklin, Richland and Delaware
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Ohio's Fainting Marsupial

Opossum Removal & Control

Do you know that opossums faint when they feel threatened? A reaction called neurocardiogenic syncope (SING-ka-pee). Typically fainting is caused by a drop in blood and oxygen in the brain; an opossums reaction to a feared predator will provoke this as they enter a catatonic state.

But now, let’s talk about the opossums themselves and the many problems they can create for home and commercial property owners. First, they are skilled climbers, so as they search for food, they can easily access buildings through foundation vents and drains. Then, as they enter for food left in trashcans, pantries, pet food bowls and other places, they begin to create their den nearby.

Opossums are notorious for making a mess; as they enter, they bring their scraps from outdoors to your indoors. In addition, if an opossum finds its way into your attic, it can chew through the walls, air ducts and insulation to get out. As for the outdoors, opossums also make a huge mess as they forage for food through gardens. An infestation can erupt quickly.

Humane Solutions

Live Trapping

Killing an opossum with poison is against the law in Ohio. In addition, one must know that store-bought chemicals and toxins can harm humans and pets; therefore, the only safe and humane way to eliminate opossums from inside or outside your home or commercial property is with live trapping techniques.

Opossums have large litters, often up to a dozen or more and stay attached to the jills for several weeks resulting in an infestation snowballing.

To achieve safe and successful opossum removal and control services, the proper traps must be installed; one door or two-door are both effective, depending on the situation.

Opossum removal
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Trapping By Doing It Yourself

First, educating yourself on Ohio state laws about opossum trapping demands attention. Otherwise, you may be liable for costly fines if the rules have not been followed; in addition, once you catch an opossum, you must have a release or euthanizing plan.

Trapping opossums is not for the novice. Experts such as Green Valley Wildlife Solutions have the knowledge and skillful experience. Identifying them by their appearance, behaviors, habits and more which is crucial to implement the right trapping methods. Afterward, the traps must be checked to ensure they work and the opossum is not suffering.

In addition, preventative measures such as habitat modifications may be needed to prevent opossums from returning.

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