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Ohio Skunk Removal & Control in the Counties of Knox, Licking, Franklin, Richland and Delaware
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Keeping Skunks At Bay Is Key

Skunk Removal & Control

Ohio homeowners pestered by skunks want their skunk removal issues resolved quickly. And who can blame them, especially if they or their pet have experienced the nasty spray with a foul odor? We can agree, not the best experience.

Four skunk species are common across the continent, but the Eastern Striped Skunk is the only native skunk in Ohio.

So, what attracts them to your Ohio property; Garbage with fruits and vegetables and pet food left outside. In addition, convenient denning areas such as rock and wood piles, elevated sheds and openings under crawls spaces, concrete slabs and porches.

Skunks do not pose a threat to your property. But, in fact, they do snack on rodents and grubs, which can be a threat. However, when appropriately managed, an individual skunk can be a benefit.

On the flip side, when threatened, they will spray, and some spray to mark their territory, which you do not want. In addition, as a defensive mechanism, they may use their teeth. Did you know skunks are one of the three most common wildlife animals to carry rabies?

Finally, they can wreak havoc on your low-lying fruit trees, vegetable gardens and garbage cans. They tend to dig up lawns as they scavenge for food. And let’s remember what they can do to our pets that get in their way.

Live Traps For efficient Removal

Humane Trapping

Skunks are typically non-aggressive that prefer to be left alone. But, unfortunately, once they take up residency on your property, as mentioned, several things can happen.

Skunks are adept at digging with their long claws under sheds, decks, porches and lawns, and if removed from one area, they move to another, continuing to cause lawn and structural damage. Therefore, the proper removal and control methods are critical.

The chosen and most successful and effective technique used by Green Valley Wildlife Solutions is Live Trapping. Remember, skunks spray when threatened; therefore, experience handling and setting these live traps is essential.

In addition, to set the traps correctly, one must use the right bait to avoid attracting other animals, for example, cats.

Lastly, the trap must be checked daily, and once a skunk is captured, it must be removed and relocated humanely and safely.

skunk removal
Deterring Skunks

Tips To Keep Skunks Away

After getting rid of your skunk, keep others from entering your property by removing accessible food and shelter. Some measures you can take to make your residence less desirable to skunks are as follows.

  • Rake up any fallen seeds, berries, and fruit.
  • Close all access to small buildings, sheds, barns, and especially areas that house chickens.
  • Remove all debris and rock and wood piles around decks and porches.
  • Remove any garbage and use adequately sealed trash can lids. You can consider using bungee cords on top.
  • Install a motion-detection sprinkler for a safe and non-toxic way to scare skunks away.
  • Install bright night lights. As nocturnal animals, the light will disrupt their lifestyle and force them to find a better home.

Get Professional Help

Beyond getting sprayed by a skunk with its foul odor, they are generally harmless; however, if bitten, there is a need for concern because they carry rabies.

You must always protect yourself, your family, and your pets, and if you are a business owner, your staff and customers, Green Valley Wildlife Solution is here to do just that for you.

We offer safe, effective and humane skunk removal and control services. Get in touch with us today.