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Ohio Squirrel Removal & Control in the Counties of Knox, Licking, Franklin, Richland and Delaware
squirrel removal
The Rodent Attic Dweller

Squirrel Removal & Control

Squirrels are everywhere. They certainly keep wildlife control companies busy throughout the year. These pesky wildlife animals inhabit all building areas but create the most problems when they enter the walls or attic of a home or business. 

Are you being kept awake at night by scuffling and chewing sounds? You may have a squirrel or more racing through your walls or in your attic. And, if you suspect one, you most likely have the family.

Squirrels can enter homes and commercial buildings through the tiniest holes. They will chew their way in when structurally damaged areas and construction gaps occur. They may even get caught in attics, soffits, eaves and crawl spaces. Like other critters such as rats, mice and other rodents, they enter to seek food, warmth and nesting areas.

You must be aware that while you hear one, an infestation may erupt.

Eastern Gray, Fox, Red and Flying

4 Common Squirrels

Five types of squirrels are commonly found in Ohio; eastern gray, fox, red and, out of all, the most common, the flying squirrel.

But, out of all the squirrels, the eastern gray squirrel is the most problematic type that homeowners complain about most.

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Flying Squirrel

The flying squirrel (Glaucomys volans) is the most common in Ohio. They are nocturnal, so many know that they have them around. To distinguish them from the other three common squirrels in Ohio, they have a flap of loose skin that extends from the ankle to the wrist; it’s called their gliding membrane. When stretched, they are able to glide from tree to tree. 

Flying squirrels prefer to live in forests and woodlands of mixed deciduous-coniferous trees and make their nests in hollow trees.

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crawlspace Cleanup

Like attics, wildlife animals seek out crawlspaces. But what do they do when in there? They leave their hazardous droppings and damage insulation, wires and plumbing pipes. And how about the foul odor also left behind?

It is crucial to repair these damages so as not to spread disease.

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Fox Squirrel

The fox squirrel (Sciurus niger) is the largest of the four common squirrels in Ohio. They are not an original inhabitant in Ohio as the heavily wooded forest kept them away; however, as the dense forests decreased with more open spaces, the fox squirrel began to settle.

Fox squirrels have two types of nests; leaf and den. Leaf nests are built with leaves and twigs and in the crotches of tree branches. They construct their dens in hollow tree trunks or branches.

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Red Squirrel

The red squirrel is the least common squirrel type in Ohio as it prefers conifers, especially spruce. They readily adapt to suburban areas but favor those with con-producing conifers. They are the smallest of squirrels, actually half the size of a gray squirrel; however, they are very aggressive. They chirp loudly with discordant chatters.

Red squirrels are tough little squirrels that do not hibernate. They warehouse their food within tree crevices and other niches and quickly fight off any predator that comes near.

squirrel removal
squirrel removal
Safe and Effective

Humane Trapping

Using live traps such as the Tomahawk One Way Excluder provides a useful and efficient means of catching a nuisance squirrel. The process of determining how and where to set the traps takes time, experience, and knowledge. Depending on the squirrel problem, traps can be set in various areas such as on the roof, outside walls, your attic and any other space where the squirrel may be entering and exiting. 

The first step in trapping is to locate where the squirrel is entering. All spots will be closed off, leaving one or two open. One-way door traps are set on the exterior. To exit, the squirrel must push through the one-way door, but unfortunately for the squirrel, once he leaves, he cannot get back in. 

Once it is determined all of the squirrels are outside, the entry and exit points must be repaired and sealed so they cannot come back in.

If, in addition to squirrel removal and control services, the extensive repair is needed, please feel free to consult with us at Green Valley Wildlife Solutions.

The Exclusive Homewrecker

The Problems With Squirrels

Squirrels are plentiful in Ohio and do cause many problems for Ohio homeowners and commercial property owners.

As squirrels are primarily tree dwellers, they do find shelter in our homes and businesses. Where there is an open spot, they will seek entry for shelter and to build their nests.

Below we list a few problems squirrels cause.

  • They gather and live in large groups during the winter and become more vigorous come spring.
  • Squirrels generally enter buildings from the rooftops.
  • They build their nests in walls and attics, causing extensive damage and health risks to those who come in contact.
  • Squirrel urine and feces can seep through walls and floors ,while causing unsanitary conditions that can be a health hazard.

Squirrel Damage and Trapping

Get Professional Help

Are you experiencing squirrel problems?

Green Valley Wildlife Solutions specializes in removing squirrels and preventing them from entering our homes and commercial buildings. Let us help you keep them outside where they belong.

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