Damage Repairs

Ohio Wildlife Damage Repair Services in the Counties of Knox, Licking, Franklin, Richland and Delaware
MInor to Major Repairs

Wildlife Damage Repair Services

Green Valley Wildlife Solutions in Ohio specializes in wildlife entry point repairs as a full-service company. 

Some of the most common ways wildlife can gain access to your home or business is through the roof, ridge and soffit vents. When a home is built, these areas are often not reinforced enough to be wildlife resistant. For example, a raccoon can easily rip shingles off the peak or ridge vent area or push up a loose piece of the soffit to access the attic.

Trust us; wildlife can do a significant amount of damage.

When it is determined that there is wildlife damage to your home or business, whether inside or outside, the Green Valley Wildlife Solutions team of experts reviews the extent and what needs to be done to clean up and restore the area to its original state.

Even Minor Damage Repairs Can Prevent Major Repairs

4 Types of Damage Repairs

Here are a few of the most common areas wildlife use to gain access to your home. These areas will need to be cleaned and repaired to prevent potential hazards.

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Raccoons, birds and squirrels reside in chimneys for shelter; therefore, installing chimney caps and screens and sealing any entry points prevents these wildlife animals from entering.

Chimney repairs are vital since any damage can degrade the bricks, flashing, concrete caps and mortar joints

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Like attics, wildlife animals seek out crawlspaces. But what do they do when in there? They leave their hazardous droppings and damage insulation, wires and plumbing pipes. And how about the foul odor also left behind?

It is crucial to repair these damages so as not to spread disease.

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Wildlife animals are known to camp out in our venting systems. After their humane removal, the vents must be repaired and sealed to prevent the animals from taking up residency in them again.

In addition, as they drop their feces, all those around them are at an increased health risk


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Caulking & Sealing

Caulking and sealing is always recommended to save on energy and lower utility bills, but did you know it can keep uninvited pests out?  As for windows and doors, the same applies to air conditioning units and other tiny open spaces.

Get Professional Help

Many wildlife animal types enter our homes and businesses as well as lurk around the outside. In doing so, they cause damage and bring the potential for disease to humans and pets alike. 

Wildlife animal damage repair is not only structural but must include the cleanup of hazardous waste and droppings these wildlife animals bring to prevent the spread of disease.

If you suspect you have a wildlife problem and they are damaging your property, it’s crucial for you to contact our professional wildlife removal and damage repair company today.