Raccoon Removal

Ohio Raccoon Removal & Control in the Counties of Knox, Licking, Franklin, Richland and Delaware
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The Furry Masked Bandit of Ohio

Raccoon Removal & Control

Raccoons of all habitat types are in Ohio, with the Eastern raccoon being the most common. They generally live in wooded areas along rivers and streams; however, they have now found their way into suburban and urban areas. Where there is food and shelter, here they come. As nocturnal, they stroll about during the dark hours of the night.

As the raccoon population continues to increase in Ohio increases in cities and towns, raccoon sitings on properties and homes have increased. They are active, challenging, intelligent and very resourceful. They stop at nothing when searching for food and shelter. Unfortunately, your home and the commercial building may be their chosen spot.

These masked bandits can climb and will rip building structures to create their nesting area to raise their offspring, called kits or cubs. In the process, the destruction they cause can be massive. For example, they rip attic insulation, soil it with their urine and feces and damage electrical wires resulting in costly attic restoration services.

In addition to causing damage, their urine and feces can put humans and pets at a health risk. The droppings can contain small roundworm eggs that infect humans and pets and cause severe illness if inhaled or swallowed. These infections can lead to irreversible heart, brain and eye damage, although rare, even death.

Avoiding contact with raccoons and their droppings is critical; therefore, raccoon removal demands the utmost knowledge and experience when handling and removing them.

Ohio Laws Must Be Followed

Raccoon Trapping

Because raccoons are clever and resourceful, removing them from various places within the home, like attics, chimneys, walls and tree hollows outdoors, can be pretty challenging. The preferred and most successful form of removing them is trapping. Focusing on their behavior is crucial when installing, baiting and setting traps.

Before a raccoon trap is in place, one must review the state’s laws. Ohio defines its state laws regarding raccoon removal and trapping procedures and relocating and euthanizing them. Once reviewed placement can begin,

Following the placement of the traps, bait is used to attract the raccoons. However, knowing which bait is the best to use is essential. For example, meats are not a good choice as they can draw non-target animals like cats.

Next is setting the trap, and because raccoons are highly ingenious, it takes a professional to handle this step correctly.

Once the trap is set, it must be checked regularly, as trapping raccoons can take a few minutes to days. It is best to check in the morning since raccoons are out and about at night. Once a raccoon is captured, the trap must be handled with extreme care to avoid bites.

Last is relocation; a professional Ohio raccoon removal specialist, such as Green Valley Wildlife Solutions, can perform this safely, humanly and according to Ohio state laws.


Raccoon Damage and Trapping

Get Professional Help

Trying to remove raccoons on your own is never recommended. Like many wild animals, they do bite. We discussed trapping as the best method; however, some raccoons are Trap-Shy; therefore, other raccoon removal methods will need to be addressed.

Do you have uninvited raccoons in your home, business or outside? Green Valley Wildlife Solutions will provide you with the best and most effective raccoon removal services, so get in touch with us today.