Groundhog Removal

Ohio Groundhog Removal & Control in the Counties of Knox, Licking, Franklin, Richland and Delaware
groundhog removal and control
Ground hogs, Woodchucks, Whistle-Pigs

Removal & Control

Groundhogs are notorious for damaging lawns, gardens and building structures. They create a maze of tunnels underground, below garages, porches, decks and sheds. When dug close to foundations, structural damage can occur.

And what about those beautiful flowers in your garden you have worked so hard to look fabulous? Unfortunately, groundhogs love to eat your flowers and garden goodies.

Groundhog removal and control demand an experienced hand. This is when you need the expert groundhog removal and control services of Green Valley Wildlife Solutions.

Groundhog Removal That Works

Trapping Techniques

Don’t be surprised if you have groundhogs invading your Ohio property. Groundhogs increased throughout the state of Ohio as agricultural production required more of Ohio’s forest lands.

As a Certified Nuisance Wild Animal Control Operator in Ohio, Dalton Cantor follows all groundhog trapping laws. They must be trapped with Live Traps(cage traps) or lethal body-gripping traps.

At Green Valley Wildlife Solutions, we prefer using live traps whenever possible. Afterward, they can be released away from your property in a legally designated area.

Trapping groundhogs demand knowledge, experience, and skill to use specialized traps to get the job done safely. It’s never recommended for a property owner to try to trap on their own as they are generally left with nothing accomplished as more groundhogs stroll onto the property.

groundhog in cage cabin
Groundhog Removal Strategies

How To Keep Groundhogs Away

You can implement several strategies on your property to try to get rid of groundhogs.

Since groundhogs are excellent diggers and climbers, with the correct mixture of tactics and exclusion barriers around your yard, fence, deck, or porch, Green Valley Wildlife has the solution to eliminate harbor age and natural hiding places for groundhogs to hide.

Below are a few tips to ensure your exclusion barrier is successful.

  • The exclusion wire needs to be of heavy gauge, minimum 16 gauge, preferably 12 or 14.
  • Coated wire is better as this will be directly buried against the soil.
  • Groundhogs find any opening a vulnerability, so the fencing needs to be installed tight and without access points.
  • The trench around the deck or patio must be the proper depth and distance to prevent woodchucks from tunneling under the wire mesh.
  • Don’t waste time and resources on the following gimics: castor oil, ammonia, cayenne pepper, garlic, and lavender. 

Groundhog Damage and Trapping

Get Professional Help

Get in touch with Green Valley Wildlife Solutions if you are experiencing groundhog problems.

Our methods of removing and controlling groundhogs focus on their habits and behavior. For example, as they damage crops, claw at wood, chew through electrical wires and cause harm to your building by burrowing underneath it, knowing this helps our team implement a successful target control method.