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We Resolve Your bird Problems

Bird Removal

Watching a bird soar through the clouds can be an incredibly beautiful thing. However, watching a bird invade your home and/or drive away customers from your business? Not so much. Birds in your home or business post a number of risks, including:

  • Health concerns
  • Safety hazards
  • Sanitary problem
  • Loss of customers (in commercial properties)

Dealing with these issues can be difficult and even dangerous without the necessary experience. Luckily for the residents of Knox, Licking, Franklin, Richland and Delaware counties in Ohio, Green Valley Wildlife Solutions is here to help with bird removal and other wildlife control needs 24/7, 365 days of the year.

It is important to note that different types of bird problems will often require different approaches. Moreover, factors such as bird type, location of the issue, and magnitude of the problem will have an effect on how the situation is handled. The ultimate goal is not only to remove the bird(s) representing the current complication (or even dead bird removal), but rather to prevent birds from making their way into/around the home or business through the use of bird deterrents and repellents. Below is what you need to know:

We Resolve Your bird Problems

Bird Types Commonly Encountered

As previously mentioned, the type of bird causing the issue will be one of the determining factors when it comes to the approach taken, and will also have different implications as varying types of birds can cause different types of damage to homes and/or businesses.

Some of the birds commonly known for giving home and business owners headaches in the Ohio counties mentioned include:

  • Swallows
  • Starlings
  • Pigeons
  • Woodpeckers

More specifically, swallows make very messy nests. Birds in soffits and in areas such as porches can result in baby birds being born and thus a bigger issue (this is a possibility with all bird nests). Starlings and pigeons leave behind droppings that can pose serious health risks. Bird droppings can also easily accumulate and be a real eye sore, which can even drive away potential customers. Furthermore, woodpeckers can destroy surfaces with their constant knocking and lead to other repair expenses for the owner of the home or business.

Dealing with these issues in a timely manner will help prevent them from getting worse over time and having implications of a greater magnitude.

raccoon trap in attic photo for raccoon removal

Bird Removal And Trapping

Protected Birds 

Bird removal is a process that requires extreme care to ensure the safety of all parties involved. In some instances, bird removal can even be illegal without the right permits. This is often the case with protected birds. Protected birds are birds that cannot be harmed, sold/bought, or even pursued under law, in an effort to preserve the species.

Getting in touch with professionals is the safest bet as differentiating types of bird that may or not be protected can be difficult without the right information.This can lead to the bird or person approaching being harmed.

If you are unsure, you can always contact Green Valley Wildlife Solutions, as our professionals have the right training and equipment to perform protected bird rescues legally, safely, and efficiently. Additionally, we can assist in the installation of preventive measures to make sure that there is no need to remove a protected bird from the home or business in the first place.

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Deterring Birds From Your Property

Common Problems and How to Solve Them

While every situation is different, there are some cases that we see more frequently than others. Some of the most common problems include:

  • Birds in gutters
  • Birds in the attic
  • Birds on the roof of a home or business
  • Birds caught in chimneys and in vents

These issues bring with them more problems than just mere nuisances. To begin, if a bird settles and creates a nest, they will likely lay eggs. When those eggs hatch, you will have to deal with even more birds, their waste, and their noises.

In the event that birds get stuck in vents, the birds may cause an obstruction, damaging equipment or prevent it from functioning properly (also possible with chimneys).
When birds settle on roofs, they can leave large amounts of droppings, which can damage the roof and lead to an unsanitary situation.

These problems can be solved by carefully removing the birds, sealing potential entries, and placing deterrents and repellents as needed. These deterrents will vary based on the type of bird and location of the issue. We can guide you in determining what you need to lure birds out and help ensure that those birds stay out.

Bird Removal that lasts

Why You Need Professional Bird Removal

A bird may seem harmless on its own, but bird-related issues can escalate quickly over time as the number of birds increase and the damage escalates. What’s more alarming, damage caused by these birds can directly affect those living in your home (and even impact the value of the property). Damage to commercial properties can drive business away and generate an unsafe environment for both workers and customers.

Keep in mind that one should never attempt to remove birds on their own. Removals that are not performed properly often result in repeated problems, sometimes even worse than the first time you experienced them. Additionally, trying to remove the birds yourself if you do not have the proper training or equipment can be dangerous.

Green Valley Wildlife Solutions has years of experience in the field and is well known not only for the effectiveness of methods used, but also for the industry leading humane treatment of animals in the process.

With our practices, we are able to find the source of bird issues with the goal of ensuring the problem will not take place again. Additionally, our techniques and equipment for the establishment of deterrents and repellents show incredible success rates. Furthermore, we focus on providing more than a service due to our commitment to guaranteeing a great experience every time. We are client-focused and keep your needs a priority in the process.

A photo of me holding a baby raccoon - another successful raccoon removal

Damages Caused

Getting to the problem as fast as possible is key. While at first damages caused by birds entering businesses/homes (or settling on the outside of them) can be superficial, ignoring these issues can result in things as complex as structural damage. In fact, as birds try to gather materials in order to build their nests, they may look for materials outside of your home and bring them in (such as straw). However, if this is not possible, birds may even damage electrical wiring or insulation from walls. This can lead to much bigger issues in the long run. In fact, this could even lead to a fire starting.


Birds in Vents (Vent covers/ Birds Nest Removed from Vent)

Finding out there are birds within your home’s vents can feel like a nightmare. These birds are difficult to locate and even more difficult to remove. The concealment provided by the vents often allows the birds to stay within for extended periods of time before being discovered. This allows for the birds to create a nest and settle within the vent.

While it may feel like a nightmare, it does not have to be one. Green Valley Wildlife Solutions’ professionals are trained for this scenario. Our approach involves the removal of any nests created by birds in the vents (as well as the birds), and the covering of vents with the use of vent covers to prevent birds from entering the vents in the future (thus guaranteeing the problem will not occur again).

This process is simple when handled by professionals but can be extremely difficult without the required experience and equipment. Not covering the vents allows for the possibility of the problem taking place again in the future and resulting in additional costs for the owner of the home/business.

Birds in Attic (Use of a One-Way Valve and Exclusion)

Appreciating wildlife does not mean having unwanted birds make their way into your attic. Not only do birds make a lot of noise and wake you up early in the morning. Birds can cause great damage to cramped attic spaces as they try to gather materials for their nests. For example, many birds may try to bring in materials from outside of your home such as sticks and other things found in nature. They may even try to assemble a nest from materials found within your home (such as cables). This can get messy quickly. It can also be potentially dangerous to the birds, as they can get tangled up in these unfamiliar materials.

To solve this issue, our experts use a one-way valve and utilize exclusions to prevent the birds from entering. Exclusions come in many forms and are used differently depending on the space in question.


Woodpeckers Destroy Siding (Use of Deterrents and Repair of Wood Siding Damage)

The woodpecker is a beautiful bird more commonly known for its frequent “knocking” on trees. Unfortunately, these stunning birds that often steal birdwatchers’ attention can also be quite mischievous. On some occasions, woodpeckers may perform this practice on a structure’s siding. This knocking can damage the siding and result in costs for the owner of the property. The approach taken to control this situation is somewhat similar to that of other bird-control problems.

The first step is to remove the bird. After this point, it is important to set up deterrents to prevent birds from destroying the siding in the future. Finally, you will want to make repairs to your siding to restore it to its previous condition.

Woodpecker damage to siding is quite common. Residents of Knox, Licking, Franklin, Richland, and Delaware counties in Ohio can resolve this issue quite easily with the help of Green Valley Wildlife Solutions professionals in order to guarantee that their property (home or business) is in the best condition possible at all times.

Bird Nesting in Signs (Removal of Nest and Fecal Matter/Deterrents Placed)

Another place birds can commonly be found building nests in signs. Signs are ideal for nests, as they provide shelter from the elements and a hideaway from potential predators. Unfortunately, this setup is not so ideal for the store owners and customers that must navigate around the messes that these birds create.

The first (and most obvious) sign that birds have taken up residence in a sign are of course the droppings. These droppings accumulate quickly and are hard to miss. This can become quite harmful as it can drive people away from a business over time. The other biggest impact is the potential health risk associated with being around large quantities of droppings. These droppings can transmit diseases easily and thus are a threat to anyone around them. Because of this, it is important to face the problem head-on.

Our professionals can take care of this issue by carefully removing the nest and getting rid of any droppings. We can then place deterrents that will prevent the birds from reentering your property in the future. Taking this approach will guarantee that areas around signs are clean and safe for years to come.

Bird Roosting on Ledges (Removal of Fecal Matter and Deterrents Placed)

Seeing a line of birds on a ledge is quite common in some areas (particularly in cities). However, not many consider the impact said birds have on the property they rest upon. Much like with signs, birds will often leave droppings on ledges as they roost (which can become an issue for the owner of the space). In this case, the removal of fecal matter is also the first step to take followed by the placement of deterrents to prevent birds from roosting on ledges later on. Green Valley Wildlife Solutions will determine the type of deterrent that is appropriate on a case-by-case basis.

In order to get started with or ask questions about bird removal services, make sure to contact Green Valley Wildlife Solutions. We are committed to providing quality services 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. You may reach us by phone at (740) 501-6294 or send an email to dcanter@greenvalleywildlifesolutions.com. We are located at 7089 Green Valley Road Mount Vernon, OH 43050.

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