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Bird Removal & Control

Watching a bird soar through the clouds can be incredibly beautiful. However, watching a bird invade your home or drive away customers from your business couldn’t be any worse.

Birds in your home or business pose many risks, including health concerns, safety hazards, sanitary problems and loss of business to commercial properties.

Dealing with bird issues can be difficult and even dangerous without the experience needed to handle them properly. Luckily for Knox, Licking, Franklin, Richland, and Delaware counties in Ohio, Green Valley Wildlife Solutions is here to provide expert bird removal and control.

You must know that various bird problems will often require different bird removal and control approaches. Moreover, factors such as bird type, location, and magnitude of the problem will affect how the team at Green Valley will handle the situation.

The ultimate goal is not only to remove the bird(s) but to prevent birds from entering the home or business with state-of-the-art bird exclusion methods.

Nuisance Wildlife

4 Common Ohio Birds

As mentioned, the bird type causing the issue will be one of the determining factors regarding the best removal and control approach.

Below are four birds commonly known as a nuisance for home and business owners in Ohio.

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crawlspace Cleanup

Like attics, wildlife animals seek out crawlspaces. But what do they do when in there? They leave their hazardous droppings and damage insulation, wires and plumbing pipes. And how about the foul odor also left behind?

It is crucial to repair these damages so as not to spread disease.

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Ohio has the largest starling breeding population. They do not migrate for the winter as they flock together. The European starling is not a native to Ohio Do to their aggressive behavior; they out-compete other native birds as they take over their habitats. 

They pose a health risk to humans and pets as they leave their droppings which can be dangerous if touched and inhaled. 

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Unlike Sparrows and European Starlings, pigeons do not harm Ohio’s native birds and do minor ecological damage; however, they can damage our properties and carry a vector of diseases.

Overall, pigeons also called “doves,” are relatively peaceful, but getting rid of them from resting on your home or commercial building is vital.

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Woodpeckers are part of the Picidae family of birds. They are dependent on dead and decaying trees as they prey on the insects these trees attract. In addition to trees, they drill holes in wood siding for prey.

As they are widespread in Ohio and inhabit wood environments, such as woodlands, forests, and farmlands, unfortunately, they also inhabit our residential and commercial properties.

varied starling seated on a bicycle handle bar
Humane Trapping

Protected Birds in Ohio

Bird removal is a process that requires extreme care to ensure the safety of all parties involved. In some instances, bird removal can even be illegal without the proper permits. Unfortunately, this is often the case with protected birds. Protected birds cannot be harmed, sold/bought, or even pursued under the law to preserve the species.

Getting in touch with bird removal and control professionals is the best way to know if the bird on your property is protected. In addition, taking the wrong approach to remove birds can harm the bird and those handling and around them.

If you need help with bird removal, contact Green Valley Wildlife Solutions, as our professionals have the proper training and equipment to legally, safely, and efficiently perform protected bird rescues. Additionally, we can assist in installing preventive exclusion measures to ensure that there is no need to remove a protected bird from the home or business in the first place.

Bird Deterrence

Nuisance Bird Problems

While every situation is different, we see some cases more frequently than others. But first, let’s show you the most common areas where nuisance birds are found.


Birds make their way into our attics, one of the last places you want them. Their sounds can be quite an annoyance, but beyond that, they can wreak havoc in your attic while gathering materials for their nests. They also bring other items like outdoor sticks as they continue to assemble your attic materials, such as electrical wiring and insulation. The Green Valley bird removal experts have exclusion methods so they can not return once removed.


When birds find their way into your vents, they can be difficult to locate and remove. In addition, because vents are generally sealed, birds can take up residency for extended periods before being discovered. Though the removal process can be challenging, a professional like Green Valley installs the proper vent covers for each type of vent and bird problem. These covers prevent birds from entering once they have left.

Nesting In Signs

Signs are ideal for birds to build their nests as they provide shelter from the elements and are a hideaway from potential predators. Unfortunately, this is not ideal for store owners, the staff and customers as all are subjected to the bird's droppings. In addition, the droppings' appearance will deter potential customers and pose a health risk as they can spread disease.

Gutters and Ledges

Birds lining a ledge or sitting in gutters are pretty common in some areas (mainly cities). As they do when in signs, birds will leave droppings as they roost. In this case, removing fecal matter and installing bird deterrents is vital to keep all around safe from disease and for to keep the birds away.

Birds on roofs, in attics, roofs, chimneys, vents, signs, gutters and on ledges are more than just a nuisance. Once they settle and make this space, their nesting spot damage is likely, along with the threat of health risks.

Bird droppings cause unsanitary conditions. Their nests can obstruct equipment resulting in its failure. In addition, these nests block chimneys, which can result in a fire.

As their droppings can be dangerous to touch and inhale, removing and controlling birds is not a do-it-yourself project. Instead, hiring a professional company specializing in bird removal is crucial. An expert will carefully remove the birds, seal potential entries and place bird deterrents as needed.

At Green Valley, our methods are safe and humane; therefore, the chosen deterrent method will be based on each situation. Our ultimate goal is to remove birds and keep them from returning.

Bird Nests and Droppings

Get Professional Help

Birds may seem harmless, however, as the number of them increases, so does damage and the health risk posed to humans and pets. The effect can be alarming as it can significantly impact all properties creating an unsafe environment and driving potential customers away from businesses.

Never attend to remove birds on your own. Green Valley Wildlife Solutions has years of experience working with birds, so contact us today to implement safe and effective methods to remove and control them.