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We can get rid of raccoons, rats in the cellar, mice in the closet, or a skunk any place. Our wildlife removal services are experts in the prevention, removal, trapping, relocation, and control of bats and nuisance species. We can swiftly determine and re-mediate your specific issue. Every animal removal job is taken care of in an informed and professional manner. Green Valley Wildlife Solutions specializes in the humane capture and removal of wild animals.

My name is Dalton Canter, president and owner of Green Valley Wildlife Solutions. I provide efficient and effective wildlife control when those nuisance critters invade your property or buildings. I am licensed and insured in the great state of Ohio. I have extensive experience, training, and knowledge in my wildlife specialty areas.

If you’re considering getting rid of or trapping a wild animal by yourself, reconsider! You might be placing yourself and your family members in an unsafe scenario. For wildlife removal, our traps are both efficient and humane. Nonetheless, our customer service goes far past this. All wild animals must definitely be handled with the utmost consideration and attention. Green Valley Wildlife Solutions is committed to delivering exceptional service while guaranteeing that each and every wild animal is treated with the utmost care. Our animal control professionals work safely and very carefully to ensure that no one, including the animals, is hurt during the process. Many wild animals are dangerous to remove by yourself. We protect individuals, homes, and residential or commercial properties from nuisance wildlife and pests at Green Valley Wildlife Solutions.

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When You Need Dublin County Wildlife Removal Services For Groundhogs, Moles, Opossums, Raccoons, Skunks, And Squirrels You Want Green Valley Wildlife Solutions

Dublin County Wildlife Removal Services By Green Valley Wildlife Solutions

Providing Wildlife Trapping, Wildlife Control And Wildlife Removal To The Following Cities, Villages, And Townships Of Knox County Ohio


Mount Vernon (county seat)


Centerburg, Danville, Fredericktown, Gambier, Gann, Martinsburg, Utica and Bladensburg


Berlin, Brown, Butler, Clay, Clinton, College, Harrison, Hilliar, Howard, Jackson, Jefferson, Liberty, Middlebury, Milford, Miller, Monroe, Morgan, Morris, Pike, Pleasant and Union

Extra charges may apply for emergency services

We can also assist you in getting rid of squirrels, raccoons, rodents, or any other wild animal you may be having issues with. Though several pests, like rats and mice, may need traps, most unwanted pests may be excluded from your home without hurting them, therefore resolving your animal control issue in an environmentally friendly approach. We are wildlife removal experts who serve Delaware County and the neighboring Ohio cities, and we more than happy being a family-run, locally-owned small business. You need the professionals when you have an animal problem: our crew offers professional wild animal removal services and property inspections all throughout Delaware County, OH. Green Valley Wildlife Solutions is operated out of Mount Vernon Ohio, and provides services to many of the neighboring urban areas, including Delaware, Dublin, Westerville, Sunbury, Ontario, and other neighboring areas. We safeguard homes and businesses against the infiltration of undesirable wild animals, and we believe in humane wildlife removal. Whenever possible, we’ll make sure to capture and move animals carefully so that they can continue to be good for the environment without affecting your residential or commercial property.

Please call Delaware County Animal Services if you have a dog or cat problem. Skunks are a typical problem in Delaware County, which we can deal with for you.

It’s not easy to get rid of nuisance wildlife. Additionally, wildlife removal leads to health and safety risks. Not always, but frequently, critter removal is certainly not a DIY project. Non-licensed individuals are also prohibited from trapping or relocating wild animals in the majority of US states. This site acts as a useful resource for anyone who wants to find out more when it comes to wild animals and the troubles they may create. Green Valley Wildlife Solutions provides services for nuisance wildlife removal. Most wildlife control scenarios are much more complicated than they seem at first glance.

For the unexpected snake challenge, we additionally offer varmint control. With each undesirable wildlife issue, we ascertain the point of entry, trap or take away the wild animal, and after that implement animal damage protection solutions by restoring the location and helping prevent possible future access by troublesome animals. Our services include things like animal trapping, dead animal removal, nuisance wildlife control, animal capture and completely getting rid of animals in your house or office. Green Valley Wildlife Solutions is Delaware County’s premier wildlife control service provider, focusing on resolving and helping prevent a wide range of wildlife problems. Our wildlife control professionals are equipped to deal with any form of wild animal, from bats to birds and raccoons to squirrels. Green Valley Wildlife Solutions focuses on clearing away wild nuisance animals from attics of houses and structures, including squirrels, raccoons, and rats or mice. We provide reliable and cost-effective solutions for the most widespread problem animal problems. For example, our bat control solutions include bat proofing, bat removal, and bat trapping; we can help you keep bats out once and for all.

We provide services for humane trapping methods and full wildlife pest control options. If you have a problem caused by wild animals in your local area, we can solve it. In addition, we help clients deal with nuisance animal issues brought on by raccoons, skunks, bats, pigeons, rats, squirrels, and a wide array of other wildlife. We are a nuisance wildlife removal service that serves Delaware County, Ohio. Our services consist of: humane live trapping, removal, exclusion/seal work, damage restoration, animal waste clean up/decontamination, and more. We have many years of experience assisting people with wildlife issues, and we pride ourselves on the excellence of our professional service and customers ‘ happiness.

Even though a squirrel in the wilderness or a recreation area is something most of us appreciate viewing, it’s quite different if you find a squirrel or a family of squirrels staying in your residence or attic. We are a family-owned and run business that is your local wildlife specialist and the industry leader in wildlife control services in Ohio. Our wildlife experts will show up with each of the necessary resources to assist you in eradicating pest infestations in your home’s wall structures, loft, and gaps. You can trust that our staff of wildlife specialists has the proficiencies and understanding to resolve your pest wildlife troubles. Green Valley Wildlife Solutions is a full-service wildlife removal company providing complete nuisance animal removal solutions in Mount Vernon, OH, and the nearby areas. Bats, birds, moles, squirrels, snakes, rodents, raccoons, skunks, bats, mice, rats, groundhogs, and many other nuisance animals are controlled and eliminated. In addition, we offer critter removal professional services to keep you and your family safeguarded from intruding varmints. Green Valley Wildlife Solutions’s wildlife removal pros will assist you with each of your nuisance wildlife issues in condos, commercial properties, residential houses, and apartments.

Do you have bats in your loft? Are there squirrels in the attic or raccoons in the fireplace? We specialize in live bat removal, bird control, and wildlife prevention on residential homes, condos, warehouses, and all other commercial properties. We operate a full-service nuisance animal control company providing services for wildlife removal and damage control. Every aspect of your nuisance wild animal needs is dealt with by our business. We offer bat-proofing services throughout Delaware County, Ohio, as well as bird and mouse control and attic renovation. Live bat removal, bird control, and wildlife avoidance in residential residences, condos, warehouses, and other business sites are among our expertise areas.

Our pricing is reasonable. Give us a call any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for a free estimate over the phone. We operate 7 days a week and consistently answer our phones. We take pride in our expertise in wild animals and our customer care. Call us right away for assistance with nuisance wildlife. Every wildlife removal job is different, so we will learn about your critter issue, and give you a price over the phone, and schedule what is generally a same-day or next-day appointment. Green Valley Wildlife Solutions is a business that provides professional wild animal removal services in Delaware County, Ohio. Raccoons, squirrels, skunks, rats, snakes, and various other animals are regularly removed by our wildlife control pros. We have our wildlife removal services completely licensed and insured in Ohio. We specialize in resolving problems between people and unwanted pest critters.

Wild animals may be utilizing the chimney to get into your home, so you should employ unique ways to minimize their access. You will need to purposefully put the traps in the entrance points to prevent the wild animals from becoming trapped for a number of hours. This means you are in charge of checking the trap regularly to avoid keeping the wild animal captive for an extended period of time without food or water. Call a professional. When an animal is caught in the chimney, it may be difficult to free it due to the fact that it usually becomes violent. Invest in a one-way trap – the only means to always keep the wild animals out of your chimney is by just buying the one-way traps. When you utilize one-way traps, you seldom have to worry about bothersome wild animals getting into your house, as the traps efficiently block them. If you have a raccoon, squirrel, or bat caught in the chimney, they are going to create a lot of racket as they make an effort to get free. If you make an effort to help the critters free themselves, you may wind up injuring them, or they can bite. This is the reason it is highly advisable to work with a qualified service provider to aid in extracting the animal out of the chimney.

Green Valley Wildlife Solutions can assist you with all your nuisance wildlife issues in apartments, condos, commercial buildings, plus all residential properties. Our staff brings all of the essential tools to make sure we eliminate every one of your pest concerns in your loft, eaves, walls, and property. All nuisance wildlife, including squirrels, raccoons, skunks, bats, mice, rats, and groundhogs, can be gotten rid of or managed by us. We are not county animal management officers; we are an independently owned company. We provide nuisance animal control services done the right way – consisting of pest control of critters, removal, exclusion, wildlife protection, structural damage, and loft restoration in the most humane way.

These kinds of humane strategies are called Wildlife Exclusions. To learn if an exclusion method is ideal for you and your scenario, contact our wildlife removal specialists. We’ve developed strategies for removing animals from residential properties and commercial properties without putting the wild animal under stress or causing it harm. We take satisfaction in providing humane solutions that focus on both human and animal safety and security.

Green Valley Wildlife Solutions is a full-service wildlife removal company. Following our dependable removal and exclusion process, we can help keep the animals from inflicting further harm and guarantee your total satisfaction! Raccoons, squirrels, skunks, bats, starlings, pigeons, geese, and other wild creatures are among the animals we remove in Delaware County, Ohio. We get the critters out of homes and businesses in a humane way, and we help keep them out by repairing the animals’ entry holes and animal-proofing various other probable entry points.

Our professional service will remove any type of wild animal, whether the critter is a skunk, a raccoon, a bat, mice – any type of rodent, a rat, a bird or birds, including starlings, bird nests, a rabbit, a squirrel and the squirrel family, a groundhog, even a snake or a mole – we will get rid of your pests or critters humanely and quickly!

Searching for licensed local services or companies ‘near me’ to get rid of a nuisance, need pest or animal control? Need trappers or exterminators? Call a professional trapper and exterminator, call Green Valley Wildlife Solutions!

We offer expert animal trapping, dead animal removal, nuisance wild animal control, animal capture and permanently getting rid of animals in your home or office.

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About Dublin, Ohio

Dublin is a city in Franklin, Delaware, and Union counties in the U.S. state of Ohio. The population was 41,751 at the 2010 census. Dublin is a suburb of Columbus, is the home of the headquarters of Cardinal Health and Wendy’s, and hosts the yearly Memorial Tournament at the Muirfield Village Golf Club.

Although its earliest settlements date back to 1802, the village that became Dublin did not begin to take shape until the arrival of the Sells family from Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. Brothers Peter and Benjamin Sells purchased 400 acres (1.6 km2) of land on the west bank of the Scioto River as a gift for their brother John. In 1808, John Sells brought his family to the region, and by 1810 he had begun to survey lots for the new village with his partner, an Irish gentleman named John Shields. According to historians, Shields is responsible for naming the town after his birthplace:

“If I have the honor conferred upon me to name your village, with the brightness of the morn, and the beaming of the sun on the hills and dales surrounding this beautiful valley, it would give me great pleasure to name your new town after my birthplace, Dublin, Ireland.”[6]

By 1833, Dublin contained several mills and only one store.[7] In 1970, Dublin was still a small town with only 681 residents. However, the construction of Interstate 270 facilitated a population boom, spearheaded by the acquisition of major corporate headquarters such as Ashland Inc and Wendy’s International. In addition, the growth of the Muirfield Village Golf Club and its residential subdivision attracted numerous affluent citizens to the rapidly growing suburb. Dublin was officially declared a city in 1987, after reaching a population of 5,000 residents.

As part of this boom Dublin significantly expanded its area, annexing parts of Washington, Perry, Concord, and Jerome townships.

The city’s Bridge Street District is currently under development. The 1,100-acre (450 ha) site has 400 apartments and condominiums, retail, offices, and other space.


History of Dublin

Native Americans – Hopewell, Adenas, Delaware, Shawnee and Wyandot – were the first inhabitants of the countryside that was to become Dublin. The Hopewell left several mounds, one of which will be incorporated into a City of Dublin park and education center. Today’s Historic Dublin includes a section or about 800 acres of land given to Lieutenant James Holt by the Commonwealth of Virginia as payment for service in the Revolutionary War. This part of what became Ohio was known as the Virginia Military District.

Ludwig Sells and his sons scouted along the Scioto River and decided on this site about 1803. It is on a portion of the Scioto River which was recommended because it is the highest point of land along the entire river and very unlikely to flood. Resources were plentiful for farming and hunting and building materials like stone and timber were in great supply. John Sells, one of the brothers, platted part of his land to establish a village in 1810. He asked John Shields, the surveyor who platted the site for him, to name the village which up to then had been known as Sells Settlement. Shields named it Dublin after his home in Dublin, Ireland. Today, the site of Sells’ original purchase is known as Historic Dublin.

Several founding families followed one another from Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. Most of these families were of German and other European heritage: Karrer, Ashbaugh, Horch, Ebey (Aebi), Geese, Leppert, Hayden. Despite Dublin’s name, very few Irish families were among those finding a home in early Dublin.

The Indian Run and Scioto River providing the power to drive machinery for mills built by industrious men. Mills cut trees for improved building materials and they ground grains for a variety of uses. There were three grain mills on the Scioto River during the early years.