What Will Make Raccoons Go Away

How Do You Encourage Raccoons To Leave

Raccoons are not scared of much. However, if you want to keep raccoons away from your commercial or residential property so that you, your pets and others do not come in direct contact with them, you can do a few things to make raccoons go away.

Some of us can agree they can be cute with their beautiful eyes, but they also can be rather devastating. Therefore, you must take them seriously.

Most individuals claim that avoidance is far better than a cure, but not so confirmed. Ensuring that raccoons do not get to your property is the most effective method to mellow out the situation.

Did You Know?

Are you aware that a raccoon can attack when cornered, leaving an opportunity for disease and parasite transmission? If a raccoon approaches you, break eye contact, slowly back into a building, and wait for the raccoon to leave.

When not rabid, raccoons generally sleep until sundown, then leave their dens searching for food. So, now what happens when raccoons discover food on your property? As they are omnivorous and consume a large variety of foods, finding any on your property, they will help themselves. Leaving your pet dog food outside will draw them in, as will trash without secured covers. They are notorious for knocking over garbage cans, leaving a mess and causing damage to other parts of our homes or commercial properties.

Now let us get to what will make raccoons go away.

How To Scare a Raccoon Away

Raccoons are nocturnal and favor darkness as it hunts. Using lights that resemble daylight and loud sounds can send it away. Patio lights may not suffice as the light source is too high. However, motion-activated floodlights may, as the light source is lower and, when triggered, send the raccoon off. 

What Will Make Raccoons Go Away

As mentioned, loud sounds can be an effective way to scare a raccoon away. Try pots and pans, a radio, shouting, wind chimes and motion-censored noise systems like motion-censored lights.

What Will Make Raccoons Go Away, loud noise
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What Scent Will Keep Raccoons Away

In addition, mixing an effective repellent can work. Raccoons do not like hot and spicy scents. Mixing onions, black or cayenne pepper, peppermint oil or Epsom salt can repel them. Mix with boiling water and spray the solution around your garden greenery plants, shrubs and others. Better yet, add some hot sauce, and you are good.

Handling Raccoons

Handling raccoons on the property is among the most challenging and common problems a homeowner has to manage when these animals are around. Doing away with raccoons on the property is a difficult job. As light, loud sounds and hot spicy scents can work to keep them away, often the most effective technique is trapping and removal.

The most significant problem about raccoons in the attic or any other part of a residence is that most of the time, they are nursing moms with young ones and removing them can be a complicated affair. If there are babies, they must be moved humanely and safely by a professional raccoon removal company.

Raccoons, Go Away! Raccoons, Go Away!

So What Happens If You Can’t Scare Them and They Will Not Go Away

Contact your local raccoon removal company. If you are in the Ohio Counties of Licking, Franklin, Delaware, Richland and Knox, contact Green Valley Wildlife Solutions.

We will quickly visit your property and locate where the raccoons are, especially searching for the infant raccoons. If babies are found, they will be removed delicately and safely with the mother and transported to a safe place where they will remain together.

All their entry and exit points must be closed off with exclusion techniques so they cannot return to inside spaces.

The space where they resided must be cleaned and disinfected to avoid the spread of bacteria, viruses and disease.

You can trust Green Valley Wildlife Solutions to get rid of your raccoon problem safely, effectively and humanely. Contact us today.