The Ag Museum

The Ag museum takes you back in time to the 1800s, exploring the lifestyles of Knox county’s ancient farmers. The museum focuses exclusively on agricultural items used by farmers in the 18th century. The AG museum is located at Knox County Fairgrounds, Mount Vernon, Ohio. With over 5000 items, the museum sits on 20,000 square feet of space.


Next to the main museum building are several structures that showcase the 18th-century lifestyle and hold more historical items. Here is a detailed look at each facility.


  • Log house- the log house was home to the Calvin Lepley Family, built-in 1881 on Hazel dell Road.
  • Schoolroom- this building is a one-room house representing the Tiger Valley School in Knox County.
  • The smokehouse- this building explores how meat was preserved in the ancient days; it consists of pork cuts.
  • The spring house and well – this is a food storage building and showcases how the families stored water.
  • The loom room- the upper floor of the museum building, contains the loom room with working looms inside. Members of the museum weave rugs and placemats and sell them to visitors at reasonable rates.


Other notable farming types of equipment from ancient days in the museum include;


  • 1930 John Deere GP Tractor -manufactured in 1930, the John Deer tractor has widely spaced narrow wheels.
  • 1939 model 41 Silver King tractor- Mr. Luke B. Biggs owned this tractor in 1980s
  • 1944 Ford Ferguson 2N was invented by Harry Ferguson modified to attach other farm implements.
  • 1900s sewing machine, including cabinets indicating how the women made clothes for their families and sold some.
  • Household items- household items like cupboards, tables, wall hangings, chairs, wall clocks, table mats, and clothes from the past.
  • Haymaking equipment showcasing how farmers made hay
  • A 1923 Model T school bus
  • Woodworking tools such as hammers and chisels from the 1800s


The museum also contains photos showing the ancient Knox county lifestyle. The Ag Museum keeps growing, with residents of Knox county donating vintage equipment, items, and pictures to showcase. If you are interested in Knox County history, the Ag Museum is the place to visit.,-83.2817784,9z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x8839b51de1a76b6b:0xfdfe3f4312c5ce92!8m2!3d40.395317!4d-82.719973

Knox County Historical Society museum

Mount Vernon, OH