If you are a fan of science and Technology, check out the SPI Spot located at 400 S Main St., Mount Vernon, OH.Spi offers a fun learning environment for all at affordable annual membership fees. The Science Play Space Initiative (SPI) is a nonprofit organization offering play space for kids focusing on science and technology.SPI is run by (ASTC), The Science and Technology Center Association.ASTC is an organization that supports institutions whose goal is to inspire others through science. 


SPI Spot offers opportunities for Knox county residents of all ages to explore science and technology playfully and how it relates to the natural world.SPI organizes community events such as camps and special programs focusing on science and technology.SPI is an all-inclusive organization and accepts members of all ages.


SPI believes in developing kids’ natural curiosity, including the intellectual and economic potential of the Mount Vernon community. The SPI center also boosts community interaction by offering opportunities for residents to explore science and technology through play.SPI also aims to offer members knowledge on methods and tools of science to develop day to day problem solving skills.


The SPI Spot hopes to achieve its goals by offering training opportunities and recruiting volunteers into the program.SPI aims to reach out to the community through non-formal education, allowing them to explore science to their full potential 


How to become a member of SPI


Annual family membership fees are $110, including two adults and three children under 17. Benefits of this membership include a discount for camp registration and free entry to science events. Alternatively, you can pay $100 annually for a single-parent family membership which includes an adult and 3 three children under 17. Benefits of this subscription include a summer camp registration discount and free entry to other science events within Knox County.


SPI offers a financial accessibility program funded by the Knox county  foundation through the Sue Webster fund. The program aims to assist families in need of financial assistance and offers free SPI yearly membership for qualified applicants.  SPI center is a must-visit in Mount Vernon; introduce yourself and your kids to the world of science and Technology.


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