Skunk Exterminator Mansfield Ohio


Not only is Green Valley Wildlife a locally owned and ran trapping business, we are really good at catching skunks. Skunk Exterminator Mansfield Ohio is one of our most popular services we offer. Check out this setup for exterminating skunks from your house. We captured 4 skunks coming out of this patio near Mansfield Ohio.  If you need this Skunk Exterminator Mansfield Ohio service call Dalton at (740) 501-6294

Skunk Exterminator Mansfield Ohio

Skunk Extermination Setup using cage traps

Got skunks under your home?

Dalton and GVWS have all the traps and tools necessary to trap your Mansfield Skunks and then seal off those areas to keep them from coming back.  We provide free repair estimates and get the job done right the first time, guaranteed!  If you wake up and smell that stinch of skunk spray, dont delay, contact GVWS today to remedy this problem!  If a pet or yourself is found sprayed by a skunk, check out this page by BWC for skunk odor remedies!

skunk spray mansfield oh

Stinky skunk spray near Mansfield

Skunks have large family sizes, up to 10, but average litters are around 7 skunk babies. Don’t procrastinate with skunks, call us as soon as you suspect they are living near your property or the problem can quickly become worse!