Get Rid of a Raccoon in the House Knox County Ohio

As winter approaches, residents of Knox County and surrounding areas will likely see increased raccoon activity around their residence and occasionally report a Raccoon in the House. This is because raccoons will begin to seek warm shelter as temperatures decrease. However, it is important to note that they will take residence anywhere their needs are met, which can mean inside of your very home! In the event you come across a raccoon in your house, call Green Valley Wildlife Solutions at (740) 501-6294. Our staff are experts in all areas of wildlife removal and have both the tools and experience to get rid of a raccoon in the house.

Why Are There Raccoons in My House?

There are numerous reasons raccoons will enter a person’s home. However, the main reason for their intrusion during the colder months is a warm place to stay. Raccoons prefer to have a warm area to reside in with minimal exposure to the elements. Often times, they will use natural enclosures such as  hollowed-out tree trunks. Furthermore, they tend to switch dens every few days. That said, raccoons do have a “home range” that they operate in and you may find them taking shelter in your attic or crawl space. Raccoons are the #1 Pest Animal in Ohio and we even get reports of nuisance raccoons from as far over as Dayton, Ohio. Below, you will find a list of criteria raccoons look for when considering shelters:

  • Firstly, raccoons look for a warm place to stay.
  • Also, they prefer areas with easy access to food. This can be especially problematic if your kitchen or pantry is easily accessible to them.
  • Furthermore, raccoons seek seclusion from potential predators
Raccoon in the House

Raccoon in the House

Raccoon problems are common year-round as they are active even throughout the winter. If you notice raccoons activity, call Green Valley Wildlife Solutions immediately at (740) 501-6294 to get rid of a raccoon in the house!

How Do Raccoons Get into the House?

There are several ways a raccoon might make its way into your home or attic. Below, you will find a list of some of the common ways raccoons break into homes and attics:

  • Raccoons often find their way into houses through gable vents.
  • Similarly, roof fans can provide easy access for invading raccoons.
  • Also, soffits and fascia are other common raccoon entry spots.
  • Beyond that, raccoons can enter your home or attic through open windows, a damaged exterior, or other easily accessed areas.

Green Valley Wildlife Solutions is the leading raccoon removal service in Knox County as well as many other locations in central Ohio. We offer humane, effective raccoon removal service to all residents and business owners within our areas of operation. Furthermore, we are fully licensed and insured to perform wildlife removal service of all kinds in the state of Ohio. To get rid of a raccoon in the house or attic today, call our team at (740) 501-6294!