Lancaster Ohio Raccoon Control Service provided to you by Green Valley Wildlife Solutions

Here at Green Valley Wildlife Solutions (GVWS) we strive to provide excellent customer service backed up by our industry leading wildlife exclusion repair warranties. GVWS services all of Greater Columbus in central Ohio and Lancaster Ohio Raccoon Control Service is one of our top projects we assist homeowners with. In the photo below you will see what happens when raccoons are left to climb up your downspouts and gain access to your roof! If you live in the Lancaster area, don’t become a victim of the masked bandit, call us today at  (740) 501-6294


Lancaster Raccoon Trapper

Lancaster Raccoon Trapper needed for this rascal

Things you should do if you suspect raccoons in your attic near Lancaster, OH

  1. Check your attic for signs of insulation compaction. This is an indicator that raccoons have traveled over that area.
  2. If you hear very loud sounds in the attic or ceiling at nighttime. Coons are nocturnal and mainly make commotion at dusk, during the night, and near dawn as they return to their nest.
  3. Inspect your downspouts for muddy pawprints. Raccoons are great climbers and will easily climb downspouts, brick, pillars, and privacy fence to gain access to the roof.
  4. If any of the above ring true, then your next step would be to call a professional in your area (For Premier Wildlife Control in the Dayton Ohio click here) to aide you in the removal of the raccoons. Typically this is done by setting traps over or near the entry points.  Green Valley Wildlife Solutions provide thorough inspections of the home, locate the entry areas, and remove the problem animals within a few days in most cases. For your nuisance animal inspection for Lancaster Ohio Raccoon Control Service use on contact page to get in touch.
Trapped Raccoon on Lancaster Rooftop

Trapped Raccoon on Lancaster Rooftop

What Green Valley Wildlife Solutions Can Do For You

Here at GVWS, we specialize on trapping animals for our clients so they can get their home back in order. Many folks in the Lancaster area report being awoken by raccoons in the attic.  Only after a detailed inspection will we be able to confirm if raccoons are the issue, or one of the many other varmints that call Ohio home. You many not even know that you have bats living in the attic as well. These creatures, as well as many other, can cause a lot of health concerns for homeowners and tremendous damage to your attic and insulation.

lancaster attic damage

Lancaster attic damage caused by raccoons

Let one of our highly trained experts come and diagnose your attic sounds and return your home to normal. We use advanced tactics to trap target animals such as Target Species the knowledge of the natural history, ecology, and behavior of the target species.  This is essential when selecting bait attractants and lures, for example, does the species prefer fresh, sweet, or rotted bait?, is it attracted to scent lures?, is the species less active in winter like skunks and groundhogs?, what age and sex will likely be drawn to the attractant?  A solid understanding of these wildlife fundamentals and other species related insights makes all the difference when hiring the best company for the job.  Don’t procrastinate any longer, get your Lancaster Raccoon Control project started today.