Kokosing Gap Trail

The Kokosing Gap is a 10-foot wide and 14-mile trail ideal for rollerblading, walking, and bicycling started in 1991. Historically, the Kokosing Gap trail is among America’s first 500 rail trails. Along the trail lies two historical locomotives, the 0-6-0 locomotive built in 1940 and Chesapeake & Ohio Caboose #90776 made in 1924.


The Kokosing Gap trail runs from Philips Park in mount Vernon and follows the Kokosing river course. You will find scenic views of wetlands, forested hills, beautiful homes, and farms along the path, including the Kokosing river. The Kokosing trail passes through Gambier and Howard communities; restrooms, shops, and restaurants, including bed and breakfast, are within this area. You can take a break, refill on food and water, and continue your adventure.


Along the Kokosing river, there are beautiful recently renovated bridges, and you can admire and take photographs of the scenic view. Next to the bridge is an environmental center located at Kenyon college. Kenyon College is an old private college developed in 1824 and located next to the historical locomotives. There is a butterfly garden and visitor center that you can enjoy while taking a break at the center. 


Along the trail, you will find a stone-arched tunnel connecting to Danville. Use the convenient markers along the path to note your distance progress. There are various species of wildflowers along the trail, including jack in the pulpit, mayapple, and trillium. You will find wildlife like the gray squirrel, groundhog, great blue heron, chipmunk, eagles, owls, hawks, and minks along the trail. The newest addition to the path is a playground with restrooms, picnic tables, and a playset located next to the Howard tunnel.


There are rules to follow while visiting the Kokosing Gap Trail as follows.


No trespassing on private property

No pets on the trail surface 

Pets must be on a leash at all times

Only motorized wheelchairs are allowed, no horses or vehicles

You are not permitted to carry or drink alcohol while on the trail

No littering

Watch out for natural hazards


The Kokosing Gap trail is ideal for the whole family; kids can enjoy biking along the track with the beautiful scenery. The Kokosing Gap Trail is wheelchair and stroller friendly, with facilities along the way like water fountains, restrooms, park benches, and a bicycle repair station.


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