Knox County Historical Society

The historical society has everything you need to know about the history of Mount Vernon and Knox county. The historical Society museum is located at 875 Harcourt road; it opens from March to November from 2 am to 8 pm on Wednesdays and 2 to 4 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.


Through exhibits, the museum tells the story of Mount Vernon by categorizing them in different aspects of life. In business and industry, the cooper brothers began building pows, special power machinery, hollowware vessels, including war machinery, in 1846, and later steam locomotives from 1850 to date. You will also learn about The Mount Vernon Bridge Co., a firm that has built bridges in the US since 1880. The museum also explores the history of Knox County’s natural gas discovery and glass glassmaking.


The historical museum tells stories of worldwide recognized Mount Vernon residents. Learn about Paul Lynde, a Mount Vernon-born and worldwide known actor from famous movies like Charlotte’s web and Nickelodeon’s Bewitched. You will also learn about Amelia Bloomer, a renowned journalist in Knox country from 1854; she ran a newspaper named the lily and focused on women-related issues. Learn about Johnny Chapman, an apple farmer in Ohio from the 1800s, and understand how he got the name, Johnny Appleseed.


The historical museum society also exhibits household items such as coverlets, sideboards, pressure cookers, glass milk bottles, toys, and dolls. Explore Mount Vernon’s communication history at the historical museum. Follow the story of George Tanner, a Mount Vernon resident who worked for the telephone company from 1938, and see his collection of telecommunication equipment from the start of his career.


The museum tells the story of Mount Vernon’s historical school system and exhibits photos from way back. Learn about Mount Vernon’s famous artists like Johnson Vernon, a renowned graphic designer from the 1940s. You will also learn about Mount Vernon’s law enforcement and the fire company since 1800. The museum documents the history of Mount Vernon men and women who served in the military since 1800.


You will also find Mount Vernon’s churches; the museum showcases an 1884 stained glass window from the first baptist church, including photos of bibles and church buildings. The historical museum also documents the mount Vernon transport system from 1800 to date.,-83.2817784,9z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x8839b51de1a76b6b:0xfdfe3f4312c5ce92!8m2!3d40.395317!4d-82.719973

Kokosing Gap Trail

near Mount Vernon