Is it Legal to Trap Nuisance Wildlife Animals on My Property in Ohio?

Ohio Nuisance Wildlife Animal Laws: What You Need to Know

You landed on this article; you want to know if it is legal to trap nuisance wildlife animals on your property in Ohio. We are here to help you learn all about it.

So, you are a commercial property owner or homeowner residing in Ohio, experiencing wildlife animals roaming freely on your property, and wondering what the Ohio nuisance wildlife animal laws are.

When searching wildlife animal problems, you often see the term ‘nuisance animals. So what exactly does it mean? As humans consider wildlife animals to be menacing and destructive, it is no wonder they got the name, ‘nuisance animals.”

Before we discuss the legality of trapping wildlife animals in Ohio, there are many common wildlife animals considered nuisance animals in Ohio; skunks, raccoons, bats, birds and squirrels. Yes, but these aren’t the only wild animals that count. There are rodents you should watch for, such as rats and opossums, plus many more.

Now let us get to the specific laws, is it legal to trap nuisance wildlife animals in Ohio, covering the trapping and removal? 

Ohio Nuisance Law. Trapping Nuisance Animals in Ohio

Each year there are many nuisance wild animals caught in traps. Some backyard trappers will tell property owners that they will bring the wildlife animals to another safe habitat where they can thrive. But this isn’t always the case.

Unfortunately, many of these animals are killed using inhumane methods. Some of these methods include drowning, crushing, and other horrible actions. 

Unlawful Trapping for Property Owners in Ohio

In Ohio, if you have a commercial nuisance wild animal control operator’s license, trapping or taking live nuisance wildlife animals off the property is lawful. However, if not licensed, it is unlawful to trap or take a nuisance animal unless certain conditions are met and some with written permission.

  1. It is unlawful for anyone, except a licensed commercial nuisance wildlife control operator, to set and use a body-gripping trap on land or in water to capture wildlife that has an inside jaw diameter larger than five to seven inches, depending on the animal and situation.

  2. It is also unlawful for anyone, except a licensed wildlife control operator, to use a spring-loaded, spring assisted and mechanical device on a snare to assist in closing in and capturing the wildlife animal.

As mentioned, there are certain conditions in which written permission by the chief of the division of wildlife or designee is required. Below we list a few Ohio nuisance wildlife animals where written permission is unnecessary to kill and control.

So, As a Property Owner in Ohio, Is it Legal To Trap Nuisance Wildlife Animals on My Property?

In most cases, the answer is ‘no’ except if you are dealing with small rodents such as mice and rats.

Hiring a professional to remove any wildlife nuisance animal is your best decision. In addition to trapping being unlawful for unlicensed individuals, handling nuisance animals can be dangerous. Licensed professionals will know when and how to manage them safely and effectively.

For example, you have a raccoon trapped in your attic. Raccoons can carry diseases like rabies and other viral infections. Hiring the right licensed wildlife removal company will have the proper safety equipment to keep everyone out of danger, including the loved pets, as both touch and inhalation of the droppings can be dangerous.

Additional Services Necessary

Now that you know if it is legal to trap nuisance wildlife animals on your property, you must know a few other vital matters.

A licensed nuisance wildlife animal removal company, such as Green Valley Wildlife Solutions, will humanely remove the raccoons and provide efficient cleanup, decontamination and attic restoration.

And as important, they will do the exclusion techniques necessary to stop the nuisance animals from returning. 

Using expert, efficient and humane methods leaves lasting customer satisfaction and gives you peace of mind. Hiring a company such as Green Valley Wildlife Solutions guarantees an honest home assessment and ensures you’re satisfied after completing the job.

Hire a Licensed Professional To Trap Nuisance Wildlife Animals on Your Property

Green Valley Wildlife Solutions aims to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We want all our homeowners and commercial property customers to remain safe and have peace of mind. We service the Ohio Counties of Knox, Delaware, Richland, Franklin and Licking, OH.

To learn more about our trapping nuisance wildlife animal services, browse our complete website. Contact Green Valley Wildlife Solutions today if you have concerns about nuisance wildlife animals and need help removing, controlling, and repairing the damage.

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