Hiawatha water park

Hiawatha water park is a recreational facility located at 100 Schyar Road, Mount Vernon, Ohio. Hiawatha was a community pool before being renovated and equipped with modern facilities. The water park is managed and maintained by the city of Mount Vernon.


Hiawatha water park features water slides, water basketball, and two Olympic-sized pools with eight lanes. Other facilities include a playground for kids with water jets, a fountain, and tunnels. Hiawatha also consists of a large park with lounge chairs and umbrellas on lush green grass.


During summer, the water park opens, and kids can cool off in the underwater playground with a captain starwheel, waterfall, and tunnels. Hiawatha park sits on 12 acres of land with soccer fields, tennis courts, a gymnasium, and baseball fields. The Mount Vernon community holds walking clubs, yoga, sports camps, and school events.


The city of Mount Vernon charges a small fee to use the water park facilities. Resident households pay a membership fee of $ 200, while non-resident families charge $250.Membership fees for individual residents aged 6 to 95 are $95, while non-residents pay $125.Resident kids aged 1 to 5 pay a passing fee of $ 50, and non-resident children $55. 


Hiawatha water park offers a complete summer experience that the whole family can enjoy. There is enough parking space, certified lifeguards, and swimming lessons provided. Kids will enjoy playing on the grounds and cool off at the water park. You can have a picnic in the garden and relax with your family. Please note that alcohol is not allowed in Hiawatha water park.


According to reviews from Hiawatha park visitors, “ I’ve been to this park many times every summer, and I must say it is pretty good. The facilities came under new management and were completely remodeled a few years ago. It is now cleaner, safer, and more fun. There are three swimming pools (one with kid structure, slides, etc.; one with diving boards/water basketball; one for infants/toddlers) two water slides, locker rooms, concession stands, & green/umbrella space. The prices are reasonable, the location is not bad, and it’s great for families.”


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