Harmony playground

Harmony playground is located on the memorial park at on108 Vernon Avenue, Mount Vernon, Ohio. The idea to build a garden started 60 years ago when parents from Knox county who had children with developmental challenges raised funds to build an all-inclusive playground. Knox County Board of developmental disabilities joined and created the Harmony playground equipped with playground equipment ten years later.


Equipment you will find on Harmony playground.

The harmony playground features a bing boing, cozy cocoon, rock blocks climbing tunnel, vortex, 9-foot slider, Spin, and Trex. here is a detailed look at the types of equipment and features of the Harmony playground


Bing boing- children enjoy swinging around the bing boing at high-speed

wheelchair & walker ramp- the ramp provides access to other play types of equipment; it’s also wheelchair friendly and spacious.

Accessible whirl can accommodate children in a wheelchair and their caregivers; other kids can join in.

Swing along- the swing ahead is safe for children under five and can accommodate one parent and an older child. The swing boosts kids’ language, emotional, social, and social development.

Unity dome- as the name suggests, Unity dome brings children together. Kids climb up the crown and get inside the net. Children in wheelchairs can play around the dome, chasing after each other.

Cruise line- kids love speed; they can ride the cruise line facing each other as they fly back and forth. The cruise line helps kids learn teamwork as they play together.

Storefront panel- kids get to play shopkeeper and customer, teaching them role-playing, imagination, and socialization.

T-Rex – dinosaur-looking tunnels T-Rex with hiding spots, kids enjoy playing hide and seek while climbing up and inside the tunnel. 

Playseat – the playset consists of buckets that children can use to fetch sand and water. They can also sit on the child-friendly bench and relax.


There are dinosaur eggs on several playground points where kids can sit and relax when they get tired. You can use the QR codes on each piece of equipment containing a guide on using the equipment. The floor is made with rubber making it easy to navigate on wheels; it’s also safe for kids to run around. Whenever you are at Mount Vernon, visit the harmony playground with the kids.


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