Groundhogs Digging Under the Porch

Are Groundhogs Digging Under the Porch at your Central Ohio house?  If they are then Green Valley Wildlife Solutions can help solve your Groundhogs Digging Under the Porch problems.  GVWS is trained and experience in trapping these groundhogs, often referred to as wood chucks, and we can get your digging to stop quickly.

If you are experiencing the following issues please contact us right away:

  • piles of dirt around your porch
  • groundhog droppings in the yard
  • woodchuck sightings on the lawn
  • burrows leading under your porch
  • animal smells inside the basement

What to do to get rid of the groundhogs

Groundhog Trapping under Porch

Groundhog Trapping under Porch

Identify what animals are living under the porch and then call a licensed wildlife control operator such as Dalton Canter at Green Valley Wildlife.  He will come out and verify the animal issue, set traps to capture the animal, and then provide detailed estimates to seal off the porch with heavy gauge wire to keep groundhogs from returning under the porch.If you are near Columbus Ohio give GVWS a try! If you are near the Dayton area check out this site for helpful tips and professional groundhog removal service