Columbus Squirrel Trapper Service provided by G.V.W.S.

Green Valley Wildlife Solutions are Columbus’s best squirrel trapper service. We strive to provide humane and effective solutions to capturing your squirrels. We get them out of the attic and walls quickly. Many times squirrels will climb power lines, tree canopies, downspouts, and brick siding to get onto your roof to enter the attic. Once the squirrels are on the roof they can either use construction gaps. They can enter the attic space or use their rodent teeth to chew holes through wood or flashing. Hire the best Columbus Squirrel Trapper around, get in touch with Dalton and his team today!

Types of Columbus Squirrels

There are a variety of squirrels in Ohio and around the Columbus area. Gray squirrels, red squirrels, and flying squirrels are most prevalent and all have to be dealt with differently. The professionals at Green Valley Wildlife Control know just what tactics to use, types of traps to deploy, and locations to set them in to get the job done fast. If you’re looking to hire a Columbus squirrel trapper you’ve come to the right place by visiting our website. Here you will find information on how we remove squirrels from properties and better yet we also repair the damage that they’ve caused. Squirrels are notorious for chewing on wiring in attics and for ruining insulation by peeing on it. Green Valley can fix all sorts of problems including exclusion repairs to keep the squirrels out attic, sanitization, and insulation replacement.
photo of red pine squirrel in trap

GVWS captured this Columbus Squirrel exiting the siding

What Green Valley Wildlife Solutions can do for You!

If you’re hearing noises in your walls and scurrying in your attic call us today for a quick evaluation and solutions for your problems dealing with squirrels. We do it right the first time! We do this by setting the traps in the proper locations to catch the actual squirrels causing your problem. Unlike other companies who just set the traps on the ground, we are seeking the actual troublemakers. We trap the ones which are entering and exiting your home by setting the traps over the main access points thereby not trapping random neighborhood squirrels. Generally, a normal Columbus squirrel trapper project will take around 1 to 2 weeks to complete.
Don’t delay call today to get your squirrel issues resolved. Green Valley Wildlife solutions services all of Columbus Ohio and nearby areas including Mount Vernon, Lancaster, Dublin, and Mansfield.