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We Resolve Your Bed Bug Problems

Bed Bug Removal

We all want to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Most of the time, consistently washing bedsheets can
keep unwanted invaders out of our bedroom. Yet, if you’re waking up with unnerving red bumps
that come out of nowhere you could be dealing with bed bugs.

These pesky insects can make it hard to feel comfortable in your own space. Not only are they invasive, but they can be a significant problem. Left untreated, bed bugs can take months to remove. Identifying a bed bug problem is the most important part of the process and upon discovery, you must control the infestation.

It can be difficult to know how to remove bed bugs. The good news is that there are effective options available and Green Valley Wildlife Solutions can help! If you have been noticing unsettling bumps or unusual movement in your bed, it may be time to give us a call. Here is everything you need to know about bed bug removal:

We Resolve Your BED BUG Problem

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small, brown oval-shaped insects that feed off of the blood of animals or humans. When feeding, their bodies swell up and turn red. The majority of infestations occur when females lay their eggs, leading to many of them hatching and requiring food. 

They do not fly, but they can crawl. They are faster than they appear, resulting in quick reproduction periods that cause a lot of problems. Since their eggs can be as small as a speck of dust, they can be difficult to track. 

If you have been noticing bug bites, it could be because of a new batch of nymphs. This refers to immature bed bugs that need blood every night, leading to infestations. Although they do not transmit diseases, their bites can result in mild to severe allergic reactions. If you’re noticing sacks left behind by bed bugs, it may be time to address the issue.

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are Bed bugs near?

What Are the Signs?

If you’re waking up with red, itchy spots that weren’t there before, you could be dealing with a bed bug infestation. This can occur if you are sleeping in a used mattress or your bedding hasn’t been washed for a long time. It can even happen randomly, and it is never a convenient situation.

If you have been noticing any of these strange appearances, it may be time to stop the beg bug infestation and call Green Valley:

  • Bed bug sacks, fecal matter, or skin shedding.
  • Rusty or black-colored waste on sheets, mattresses, or walls.
  • Bloodstains on sheets.
  • A musty odor from the bed bugs’ scent glands.

If you believe that you are dealing with an infestation, complete a thorough inspection of the area and contact Green Valley Wildlife Solutions- do not try to get rid of bed bugs yourself.

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Bed Bug Removal that lasts

Where Can I Find Them?

When searching for bed bugs, it is important to leave no stone unturned. Start with your bed and spread out from there.

First, remove all bedding from the mattress and check for signs of bed bugs. Remove the dust cover from the box spring and examine the fabric. You may have to analyze the fabric from where it is stapled to the bed frame. Remember that bed bugs can be found in surprising places. Along with the bed, check some of these surrounding areas and objects:

  • Phones
  • Radios
  • Books/Bookshelves
  • Electrical Outlets
  • Clothes/Closet
  • Carpet Edges
A photo of me holding a baby raccoon - another successful raccoon removal

Green Valley Wildlife Solutions Provides Professional Heat Treatment

Once you discover and confirm an infestation- it is time to bring in the pros.

Green Valley’s professional exterminators have tools that aren’t available to you strong enough to kill insects on-site and stay in open cracks for long-term treatment. Our professional heat treatment can heat up a room up to 160 degrees, killing the bed bugs within the surrounding area.


What Happens After Treatment?

Once your exterminator uses heat treatment, the bugs will die quickly.

Can I Heat My House To Kill Bed Bugs?

This is not advisable. Consumers do not have access to professional equipment or trained methods.

At best, you may keep the bugs away for a temporary period of time. But, don’t be surprised if they come back with a vengeance. Green Valley Wildlife Solutions brings specialized heating equipment to completely remove the infestation.

How Long Do You Have to Heat a Room to Kill Bed Bugs?

This can depend on the situation. Some infestations may need more time or regular treatments.
Average heat treatments take about 8-10 hours. Depending on the location and severity of the infestation, it shouldn’t take longer than 10 hours. Green Valley will monitor the temperature the whole time.

What Do Bed Bugs Hate? How do I keep them away after treatment?

There are some other ways to deter bed bugs after heat treatment. For one thing, it is a good idea to wash and dry your sheets at very hot temperatures. 

You can also use natural oils to prevent bed bugs following treatment. Some of these include lavender, lemon, or tea tree oil. You can even use rubbing alcohol to kill any residual bed bugs you find. Above all, there is nothing they hate more than intense heat and cold.

Do Bed Bugs Die in the Winter?

Unfortunately, bed bugs don’t always die during the winter months. They are notoriously resilient, making them capable of withstanding temperatures above zero. Depending on where you live, the area’s climate may not naturally kill them.

Can I Sleep in My Bed After Bed Bug Treatment?

Absolutely. The high temperatures produced with heat treatment should kill all the bed bugs. Heat treatment does not involve toxic chemicals or insecticides. After treatment is finished, you won’t need to be concerned with residual insecticides on your bed.

Even so, our professionals highly recommend sealing your mattress with an encasement after heat treatment. No matter what, always check with Green Valley Wildlife Solutions before sleeping on the same mattress.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs With Green Valley Wildlife Solutions!

At Green Valley Wildlife Solutions, we want to bring comfort back into your home. With satisfactory customer service and effective heating treatment, our goal is to help you deal with any bed bug infestation. A bed bug dog is utilized at the end of the treatment to ensure your treatment was a success and provide warranty on the job.

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