Ariel – Foundation park

Ariel foundation park is located on 10th Pittsburg Avenue, Mount Vernon, Ohio, and sits on 250 acres. The Ariel Foundation park occupies the former Pittsburgh plate glass company site. The industrial firm was closed in 1976; later, in 2012, the city of Mount Vernon, through the Ariel Foundation, purchased the land and turned it into a park. The Ariel foundation created artistic elements from the glass plate industry leftovers to preserve Mount Vernon’s history and honor residents who worked at the firm.


Ariel foundation park features several attractions like lakes, trails(walking and bicycles), picnic tables, pavilions, and leashed dog walking areas. In the middle of the park lies the remains of the plate glass factory with a 280 feet foot smokestack turned Rastin Observation Tower, including a stairway and an observation deck on top. The stairway has guardrails safe for the family, and you can view mount Vernon and Ariel park from the tower top.


Ariel foundation park contains three lakes, formerly quarries owned by Goodwin Sand and Gravel. Next to the lakes are well-manicured gardens with boat ramps, picnic tables, pavilions, and swings. You can go fishing and kayaking at the lake or picnic on the pavilions. There are restrooms and drinking water fountains at the pavilions, and you can make reservations for free. There is also a beautiful arboretum and lush green meadows. The arboretum consists of 50 tree species and wildflowers on 16 acres. Other activities you can enjoy at the Ariel foundation park include birdwatching, frisbee, and kite flying. Take some time off, mediate at the Tree Life Labyrinth, and appreciate art at the glass river.


The Schonomier event center is at the aerial park; it consists of a stage and washrooms and has a 2000 seating capacity. The community foundation pavilion within the park is ideal for small events. Ariel foundation park organizes free concerts held at the schnormeier event center, which was once the steel factory building renovated with water fountains and restrooms. The schonomier and pavilion event centers are available for rent. Be sure to visit the Ariel foundation center on your next trip to Mount Vernon.,-83.2817784,9z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x8839b51de1a76b6b:0xfdfe3f4312c5ce92!8m2!3d40.395317!4d-82.719973

in Mount Vernon, OH

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